Thursday, March 24, 2005

poor spenc

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we ripped on spencer the whole game poor guy had to watch the triple a A's beat the giants 17-3, but he was a good sport

great view

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you can't have a better way to finish your vacation than watching baseball in the sun and seeing your team work the cross bay rival mmmm beer

crazy ass whoopin

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we had great seats on the first base line


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sorry it took so long to post these pics- the last day at spring training for us last sun 20th. we got to see the A's play the giants- Zito vs Schmidt
schmidt got pulled early with 10 runs ouch not a very good outlook for your opening day starter-n8

Sunday, March 20, 2005

out the window

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this is the view out of our downtown Phoenix hotel, we're staying for free due to the expedia f-up, a little photo-mosaic (homage to Hockney) (look him up if you don't know) we stayed in tonight little tired plus i had homework to work on, especially after the hot tub-Exhaustion
last day tomorrow (sigh of relief) the big game's tomorrow good night -n8


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luving the new seats

hum baby

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you've gotta love those hard core giants fans that sit in the second row and leave the game in the fifth, so we pulled up camp and moved to these great seats for the remainder of the routing

the vista

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this was our wonderful slumbertime view of the game (insert yawn here)

the lawn

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we had to scalp tickets so we got stuck on the lawn, the weather wasn't the greatest but oh well. the lame thing about being on the outfield lawn during this game was that without barry hitting the giants aren't much of a threat to go yard. spencer passed out and elton and i had to go walk around the park so we wouldn't also.

game 3 Scottsdale

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today we got up early and went to scottsdale and saw the giants lose to the padres (insert sinister laugh) the park was pretty impressive, very nice.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


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The Warriors win!! We were pretty loud and Spencer pissed of the girls next to us soo much that they got up after the suns scored and started yelling "in your face" it was pretty funny, then they left their expensive seats.


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Elton and some Suns cheerleaders

Warriors Crush the #1 Suns

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my first basketball game, was pretty impressive, and the Warriors won. The seats were awesome, it was avery exciting game, We also saw Kerry Wood and some of the other Cubs pitchers(i was surprise at how tall he was) -n8

great seats

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though we got to the game in the fourth and it took two innings to get something to eat, but we bought $6 dollar lawn seats and sat behind home plate. There was this great heckler to our right, our favorite chant (which we are going to steal) was "let's get top-less" it was hillarious -n8

Game 2

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Well, we tried to go to the giants game in Scottsdale but it was sold out, not even scalpers, soo spencer and i drove to maryvale and watched the A's play the Brewers

Friday, March 18, 2005


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spencer and elton geting crazy

mmmm beer

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well even though spencer is draped in beautiful women he still has that where i am i gonna get another beer look-n8

ladies onstage

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lots of ladies on stage


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happy st pattys
well we're partying it up at a huge party at malonies in tempe, there were probably 3 or 4 thousand people and a crappy cover band, inicknamed the singer the karaoke master

Thursday, March 17, 2005


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after the game we were waiting to meet up with some friends back home, we toasted the nectar to St.Pat at the Liberary,in Tempe, if you've never been you gotta check it out. gotta rest up for the rest of the night.-n8

game 1

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well the A's lost, but it finally feels like vacation, lots of sun, beer and baseball. were having a great time. stay'n out of trouble, talk later -n8

spring training day 1

spring training
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well we made it- Expedia screwed up and f---ed us on our hotel room, then we got a new place, this is a picture of us at hooters for dinner, well heading out the door, going to the A's game -later-n8

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Spring Training

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Well were off at 9:00 tommarrow, its going to be a blast can't wait. got to pack, i'll try to post pics, so check back-n8

Sunday, March 06, 2005


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sorry (to anyine who cares) haven't posted in awhile, schools kickin into full gear. We lost our game Tues. oooh well. next season i'm going to play in a higher division with some of my friends. we got our tickets to go to spring training. were off to pheonix the 16th thru the 20th, with a lay over in viva las vegas (insert sinister laugh here) i think my room is going to be wi-fi so i'll post pics while on the trip. this is a sketch i did this week nice and rough hope ya like.-n8