Friday, August 19, 2005

mmmm beer :)

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finished the label for my first batch of beer, MadCap Marzen, had some fun with it. now before you ask, i took the name from one of the comic characters i created about 10 years ago, Madcap is an adjective, meaning to behave or act impulsively, or rashly. the original character is this crazy commando who goes around with fishnets, and tu-tu, clown makeup and two pigtails. i went with the jester type girl because sex sells, and nothing goes with beer better than a sexy girl sitting on a jackin the box, go ahead and take what every twisted metaphor and go with it, i haven't tasted the final product, but i intend to soon. on another note, school started back up. my books were outragously priced, like 500. yeah no kidding, music appreciation is cool, my teacher is a comic book fan, french is cool, but i'm probably the only one in class who has never taken french before, my history class is easy half the time i don't even have to go we have scheduled off days for personal study, and pre-calculus sucks ass, i do enjoy that i have absolutely no idea what i'm doing. overall alot on my plate yet i enjoy the challenge of the journey. later -n8 gee

Friday, August 12, 2005

I Dropped the Ball!

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first off
well last night i had a once and a lifetime experience, and i dropped the ball, literally. we went to the A's vs Angels game on Weds. night and we sat in the first row on the railing next to the right field foul pole. the game was great. and in the 9th inning the Angels Steve Finley his 9th homerun of the 2005 season. and it bounced right of my left hand and back on to the field. Now already i've heard it all. first people say- why didn't you use two hands, the answer is i tried, but i had to lean infront of this guy to my left and could only get one hand on the ball which was a straight shot at me. it wasn't a high flyball that came down to us it was a line shot. second people tell me why didn't you have a glove?-- ugh one of my greatest petpeves is a grown man with a glove at a game. my general rule is that it is okay for someone under 18 or over 50 to use a glove, or ladies if they want (their allowed to do anything) but if your a guy in your prime wearing a mitt and catch a foul ball or homerun you better give it to a nearby kid or you should forever be marked as a spineless worthless piece of $#it. thinking back i wonder if i had caught it would i have kept it or thrown it back (because it was a homerun from the opposite team) and i'm not sure, i think the energy of the event would have made me kept it, or baseball tradition and energy from a crowd of 45 thousand, on the night of the A's first rise to first place, pride of that might have made me see if i could put the ball in the infield or try to one hop it.
school starts on monday, yeah i'm two semester's away from going to art school, totally exicted about the future.
i bottled my first batch of beer today, it'll have to wait a week or so before its done, and carbonated, i'm working on a cool logo for my first batch.
this is a drawing from my sketch book i did earlier in the year, did you know that if you click on it you get to see it on the flicker website where you have the option to see "all sizes" and you can get a bigger pic
well good night keep in touch
n8 Gee