Sunday, April 30, 2006


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well tomorrow is my official last day in cloverdale... my apartment is vacant and very depressing, the only things i have left to move are another batch of clothes, my dressers, and book shelves... its just me and my computer on this laste saturday night/sunday morn... because i moved my scanner/printer down i decided to scrounge through files i have on my hard drive to post, this is an old scan of a sketchbook page... -n8

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

check out my sister's art

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yeah i'd like to think that i taught her everything she knows, but sadly its not true.. here are some of the paintings my sister Ashley is selling on ebay.. i'm pretty much super proud of her, and you can see why. click on the pics to get a better view of the pieces, and while your at it check her out in my links section- i link straight to her ebay profile, which lists all the art she is selling at that time- keep up the good work Abb- luv n8

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Boy-Boy College Boy!!!

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well it's official- i'm officially enrolled in both summer and fall classes at the Academy of Art in S.F.- if i haven't seen you recently, i got a 75% scholarship for the summer classes with the portfolio grant program that they offer!!! so anyway i'm super excited and nervous, this is a long time coming, and highly anticipated.. and the final step in the beginning of the rest of my life, which seems to be getting more and more exciting with each passing day... a special thanks to everyone who has been there for me and supported me - luv nait jee

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Special Edition

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i was always toying with this idea to put up a special edition t-shirt on my cafepress page, and this is the first one... its a combo of two pages from my sketchbook that i did to try and jazz up my myspace page*** limited to 5 only*** then maybe i'll put up something else, thanks to everyone who chose to support this fun little SFS shop -n8
p.s. click the pic to check it out!!!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Flashback Inspiration...

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sometimes i get inspiration from areas such as common everyday life, my disturbed thought process, my wierd compulsive collection of magazines, a trip to the comic-con, seeing friends art, yet sometimes.. i like to dig into my crappy old sketchbooks, and re draw the charaters the way i would draw them now ( taking into account that i have grown, no matter how minute.. and taking a vain thought process that iam a better artist now) you see i saved just about every drawing i've done since i was around 14 years old... this is one of the pieces that i saw that inspired me to redraw these charaters, i will post the re-vamps. -click the pic for a larger view- i'm not totally sure how old this drawing is, i would probably assume it's about2-4 years old...** online stuff that inspires me, check out the links on the right... Forrest's website and blog, ashleywoods blog, gelatometti, adam hughes, jim lee, oliver coipel, frank cho... gud nite- nait jee

Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Hockey Season!!!

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i just started a new hockey season!!! its pretty sweet, i'm finally on a team with my peers, we play great hockey together. so far i already have two goals in two games. if you want to make a game, or check out my stats, check out the two links i set up to the right. the team i'm on is the USSR... the games are on weds. and thurs. nights, at some pretty crappy times hope you can make it out, i always appreciate the cheering and heckling, but i understand if you can't make the shitty times. -n8 gee