Friday, April 29, 2005

"The Council" designs

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here's one of the character designs for a book (someday) with a buddy of mine (Ed), the character's name is "the Voice" (working) and all i know is that he has vocal powers and is supposed to be a indie/emo rocker type. -n8gee

Thursday, April 28, 2005


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went to the A's game yesterday, met with my buddy Ed and we sat in the 2nd row on the firstbase side, Elton was working the section we sat in. The good guys won, and we only got rained on a little

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


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this is a comic style drawing of my better 3/4's her name is chantel, and she's put up with my crap for a little over 4 years (can you believe it?), well one day i was floating around the jc and was inspired to draw this out fit this girl had on, then i made it into a pic of Chantel, its not very big, done on a index card, but i like it and she says she does also.(you know what they say about a artist's biggest critic is himself)


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this is a oil painting i did aabout 4&1/2yrs ago its about 18"x24"
dig it-n8

Monday, April 25, 2005


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This is a drawing that i did this week for my buddy J-po, it's a mythical creature, and the national symbol for J-po's homeland of Singapore.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Happy Wednesday -new comic day

It was a big week I picked up alot of books

earlier in the week-after reading the Ultimates vol 2 issue 5 i noticed that i was missing an issue
so i picked up
**Ultimates vol2 issue 4** w-Millar p-Hitch
today i got
**Catwoman: When in Rome #5** w-Loeb p-Sale
**Ex Machina #10** w-Vaughan p-Harris
**Invincible #22** w-Kirkman p-Ottley
**Defex #6** w-Wolman p-Caracuzzo
**Young Avengers #3** w-Heinberg p-Cheung
**JLA #113** w-Busiek p-Garney
**the Question #6** w-veitch p-Edwards
**Superman #215** w-Azzarello p-Lee
**X-23 #5** w-Kyle&Yost p-Tan
**Metal Gear Solid #3#5#6#7** w-Oprisko p-Wood

well i got alot of reading to do hope you guys are all having fun, i know i am

Saturday, April 16, 2005

This is a SHOUT OUT!

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this is for my buddy Jory- a quick whutz up hope you are enjoying that growler of the MPPA, i'm tossin back one here while i geek out, this is just a quick sketch hope you like it, and i'll probably do a better one for you in the future/ maybe after the sushi feast- hahahaha -n8g
p.s. i'm not a big fan of the laugh out loud "lol" it just seems to lack meaning for me, maybe i'm just weird but i have more fun with the hahaha, it can fun, quick,loud, quiet, humorous, sarcastic, or even diabolical like the evil villan on the last panel of your favorite comic, yeah i'm probably just a little wierd

Starbucks Man

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well i know i'm the hated slave to the corprate coffee world, but oh well, the other day before class i drew this while i got my quad-venti mocha,(mmm goodness) i haven't finished it but it was kind of a fun sketch to tinker with -n8g

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy Wednesday Comic Day

Well its my favorite day of the week, the new comics come out and I thought that it might be something interesting to blog my collecting habits and then to hopefully give some sort of reviews
Todays grabs:

**Fables #36 By: w-Willingham p-Buckingham**
(i love this series, and it really has my girl hooked which is nice to see her get something out of the artform, Buckinghams pencils are great, Willingham's versions of the storybook tales are great, and the covers by James Jean leave you with a much desired peak into check and see whats going on)

**Marvel Knights Spider-man #13 By: w-Hudlin? p-Tan**
(i fell in love with the dodson version, i usually need a stellar talent behind the lead to get me to buy a book like this, and wouldn't of bought this book if it wasn't for Billy Tan at the helm, I got to meet him once down at the top cow office in Santa Monica when i was about 16, he was the first pro i met and has always left a great impresion with me. As well as the fact that he rocks)

**Ultimate X-men #58 By: w-Vaughan p-Dillon**
(Dillion?-i haave a hard time with anything he does thats not the Preacher, but i do enjoy his story telling, can't wait till they get Kubert back on board, though immonen was a great replacement, and the longshot story was great)

**The Ultimates 2 #5 By: w-Millar p-Hitch**
(i cant remember the last time i read an issue of this, whats the total issue count 11? in like 3 years, oh well hitch does rock it.)

Saturday, April 09, 2005

back to the grind

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today in anthro class i did a above average number of sketches, this one i did while we watched a film on the Nuer people, its in ethiopia somewhere, the people would do this weird stance when standing for long hours attending the cattle herds, kind of interesting. well im back both the vacations are over and i'm settling back down in the weekly grind school/work/procrastinating/sketching/posting-see you all around soon -n8

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


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this is up for my buddy- just fooling around with logo designs

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Asian invasion in Carlsbad!

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Elton ventured to sunny San Diego to visit the baddest Jap in Cali..........what he found was 48 hours of the hardest alchohol abuse he has ever we are cracked out with no crack after the strip club, bars downtown and the casino!- ......even the scenic beach view we had here couldn't keep him from drooling! I myself was in rare form......gotta love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tito in street

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this is a flash back
awhile ago jer came up to visit and wreeched havok on our poor world. leaving a seasoned veteran like tito in the middle of fourth st. right after he kicked tommy (who had just had a hernia opperation) in the nuts- much love on the flashback -n8g
ps S.D. kicks more ass than the 9ers opposition/

slimmin in S.D.eezee

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kicked it w jer tonight, chantel and friends passed out afterer the wedding and we boozed it up. -n8

-yo yo yo its me 'tha asian sensation- ain't a damn thang change with me ......Jer slizzle! - I miss the crew, and wish you guys were closer- Holla at yo' boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!- (Jer-slim)-