Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy Wednesday Comic Day

Well its my favorite day of the week, the new comics come out and I thought that it might be something interesting to blog my collecting habits and then to hopefully give some sort of reviews
Todays grabs:

**Fables #36 By: w-Willingham p-Buckingham**
(i love this series, and it really has my girl hooked which is nice to see her get something out of the artform, Buckinghams pencils are great, Willingham's versions of the storybook tales are great, and the covers by James Jean leave you with a much desired peak into check and see whats going on)

**Marvel Knights Spider-man #13 By: w-Hudlin? p-Tan**
(i fell in love with the dodson version, i usually need a stellar talent behind the lead to get me to buy a book like this, and wouldn't of bought this book if it wasn't for Billy Tan at the helm, I got to meet him once down at the top cow office in Santa Monica when i was about 16, he was the first pro i met and has always left a great impresion with me. As well as the fact that he rocks)

**Ultimate X-men #58 By: w-Vaughan p-Dillon**
(Dillion?-i haave a hard time with anything he does thats not the Preacher, but i do enjoy his story telling, can't wait till they get Kubert back on board, though immonen was a great replacement, and the longshot story was great)

**The Ultimates 2 #5 By: w-Millar p-Hitch**
(i cant remember the last time i read an issue of this, whats the total issue count 11? in like 3 years, oh well hitch does rock it.)

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