Saturday, April 08, 2006

Flashback Inspiration...

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sometimes i get inspiration from areas such as common everyday life, my disturbed thought process, my wierd compulsive collection of magazines, a trip to the comic-con, seeing friends art, yet sometimes.. i like to dig into my crappy old sketchbooks, and re draw the charaters the way i would draw them now ( taking into account that i have grown, no matter how minute.. and taking a vain thought process that iam a better artist now) you see i saved just about every drawing i've done since i was around 14 years old... this is one of the pieces that i saw that inspired me to redraw these charaters, i will post the re-vamps. -click the pic for a larger view- i'm not totally sure how old this drawing is, i would probably assume it's about2-4 years old...** online stuff that inspires me, check out the links on the right... Forrest's website and blog, ashleywoods blog, gelatometti, adam hughes, jim lee, oliver coipel, frank cho... gud nite- nait jee

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  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    I remender seeing that pic. You have come a long way!!! Cam