Thursday, January 05, 2006

oh yeah!!!

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so there i was surfing away and i stumbled acrossthe superman teaser trailer, i was i shock, i had almost forgotten completly that they were doing this movie. the teaser looks great it really got me excited about the movie, and supes in general. its funny to me superman and spiderman have never been what got me into comics nor have i really been fans of either characters, yet i have great knowledge of both. they represent what comics are about to the greater public, the ideals, and stereotypes. its a weird yet nice feeling that when you see thes characters you get that feeling inside that you had as a little kid the joy, and awe you experienced wondering whether or not something like that could happen. thats probably the biggest reason im so drawn to comics, the what if's, and even though im not a huge fan of these books, im a huge fan of what they represent to the comics industry as icons for the medium, as well as to the feeling of being a slack jawed youngster staring up at the wonders of the silver screen.
here are the links to the teaser, and to the offical site.

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  1. I'm more of a Batman fan myself, mind you...When it comes out, I'm down to go, just let me know...