Monday, March 08, 2010

Giants Magazine Contest!

One of my class assignments for Kazu Sano's Honors Portfolio class is to do a magazine cover of a famous person. But we could if we wanted tried to do a spot illustration for a contest for the San Francisco Giants magazine, a portrait of Giants majority owner Bill Neukom. So I chose that assignment. Just finished the painting around 2:30 am and here it is. I kinda wanted to do a charicture and give a shout out to the big head shirts of the late 80's of sports stars, mixed with the children's books style of my work. Hope you dig!...

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  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Nate - Dan and I both think this is awesome!! Dan dropped some tix you discussed in the mail. We hope you win the contest and thank you for sending us the link to your new site. I was reading your info... I lived in Bend for 4 years in a past life... Karen Ashby