Sunday, May 29, 2005

oh my

excalibur 14
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there is not often that i get a feeling of a great single issue of a comic. when i was about 15 the x-force issue number 24 was one of these issues, i read it over and over, yet every time getting more out of it. well, i found another, i picked it up on weds. EXCALIBUR #14 by Chris Claremont and Aaron Lopresti. now just to ring my own fan-boy geekdom but well i'll let you know i've been a big fan of aaron's work for a couple of years, as well as the fact that i thrive in any of the the webs that Claremont writes whether it be comics, novels, or articles. I just want to let you know that if you can pick up any single issue this year it has to be this one. if your a fan of the x-men genre (which at this point in my existance they should be considered) get this one. you get a insiders gift of what goes on in the psyche of xavier, magneto,and dr. strange. its a must read/must own for any real fan of the comic industry. though it is just a set up book for the House of M series thats coming out (with the art of Oliver Copiel-whom iv've been pushing on everyone as the next big thing) its much more than that- a look at prof.X's past with ties to magneto and wolverine, as well as his friendship with the sorcerer supreme.-the one question i wish would be brought up in the x-men theater in an objective point of view/ by either prof. X or Mags in which they like any common sensed citizen would relize that there are more than one side to an arguement, and that the other point is very valid. if you get a chance to buy any comic this year make it this one, and if your a friend of mine who didn't like it or wasn't enlightened by my recomendation i'll buy it back from you. -n8

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